Endeavor Sciences, Inc. (“Endeavor”), the wholly owned subsidiary of Endeavor Power Corp, is a world-class medical diagnostics company headquartered in Cambridge, MA with an FDA approved innovative technology platform for rapid, qualitative and quantitative, high performance point-of-care diagnostic tests, which deliver extremely sensitive and accurate results while testing close to a patient within 15 minutes.

Endeavor owns 11 previously FDA Cleared point-of-care immunoassay diagnostic tests, based on its Target System platform (“Target System”) in the area infectious disease and pregnancy and an FDA Cleared light spectrum immunoassay bench top analyzer, the VT 1000, developed specifically for its Target System platform. Endeavors tests are ready to be prepared for market and plan to meet regulatory agency requirements for sale in the United States.

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Target System

Endeavor Sciences’ Target System Diagnostic Platform

Endeavor’s Target System tests are based on the Target System Cartridge, a unique Micro-Flow-Through rapid test cartridge, and the VT 1000, a light spectrum immunoassay analyzer. The Target System is able to provide quantitative and qualitative test analysis and is fully ubiquitous and interoperable with multiple tests driving value through economies of scale capabilities. The platform currently has 11 tests previously approved by the FDA as well as an FDA 510K clearance of its VT 1000 bench top analyzer.

Target System Cartridge: Controlled Flow-Through Rapid Immunoassay Test

Endeavor’s Target System Diagnostics Platform offers an array of improved modifications and features to the traditional Flow-through Immunoassay Test. With its Platform uniformity, vacuum pump, absorption layer for sample overflow, and complete compatibility with our optic reader, the Target System Diagnostics Platform is a unique collection of tests for qualitative and quantitative detection of conditions.

VT 1000 Analyzer

The VT 1000 Analyzer is designed to interpret selected Endeavor Sciences’ target membrane enzyme immunoassays. This rugged instrument is designed for laboratory or field use and requires only a few minutes to learn to operate. The Target Analyzer permits more precise, accurate readings of test results than visual interpretation. The VT 1000 Analyzer is capable of rapidly detecting Quantitative data as well as semi-quantitative data. It can be used in any point-of-care setting, from clinics and doctor’s offices to first response medical teams and emergency rooms. The VT 1000 offers one-point assay calibration with a built in assay timer. It is AC or battery powered with a barcode scanner and built-in printer, making it fully portable and easy to operate in any environment.

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Promise CD4


Endeavor announces that it has initiated the development of PROMISE CD4®, its Rapid, Qualitative, mobile Point-Of-Care test that will use the Target System’s Controlled Flow-Through platform. PROMISE CD4® is being designed to determine the immune status in HIV infected patients in order to evaluate whether a HIV patient can start Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) and to monitor the effects of ART on the patient.

HIV is a major global health challenge affecting approximately 33 million people worldwide. 5 million new cases are reported every year, mainly in the developing world and HIV remains the primary cause of global disease burden in 12 countries, including South Africa and India.

While 6.6 million people are receiving ART in low- and middle-income countries, this is less than half of those needing treatment. (source: UNAIDS World AIDS day report, 2011) This limits their uptake in rural areas, thus, CD4 testing remains the bottleneck of ART initiation due to the logistical difficulties for HIV-infected patients living in rural areas to access a clinic with instrument-based CD4 testing.

In the US and other developing nations an HIV patient can expect to have their CD4 test result take several days and be quite expensive using the standard Cytometry cell counter process. With the burden healthcare cost moving to the political center stage Endeavor believes that insurers and healthcare providers will be evaluating alternative solutions that reduce cost and deliver comparable services. We believe that PROMISE CD4® will deliver a low cost solution CD4 cell count testing without sacrificing quality of results and treatment.